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Simple and Effective Collaboration

Are you ready to increase the internal performance of your business? Don’t you wish there was an improved business system that your staff would actually embrace? LiveTiles is the answer – with its elegant design, simple user experience and huge array of features, LiveTiles will transform your business overnight.

LiveTiles makes Cloud easy. It’s the easiest way to seamlessly have your staff transition to the outstanding benefits of the Cloud, letting you experience all of the efficiency that comes with a full-scale Cloud solution.

The ease of collaboration that LiveTiles offers will have your staff working like a finely tuned performance machine. Most business systems that focus on a beautiful interface often lack in functionality, however, LiveTiles isn’t just beautifully designed, it’s built upon Microsoft’s powerful flagship business solution SharePoint. This combination enables a stunning user interface to be coupled with the most robust assortment of tools any Cloud system has on offer today.

With the LiveTiles Dashboard, your business’ complex information is presented in a beautiful, simple and effective way – try the Online Demo now.

Take it for a Test Drive

Strap yourself in and take LiveTiles for a test drive now below!

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Why you’ll love LiveTiles

Outstanding Staff Adoption & Optimisation

Once you see the elegant, modern and easy to use design of LiveTiles it becomes apparent why businesses just like yours have experienced phenomenal staff adoption rates. Coupled with this is the fact that we set you up, train you and continually support you and your staff for the long term. We optimise your business because we truly know it.

Cross-Platform Compatible

Do your staff use a wide range of devices? No problem with LiveTiles! We realise that in any given day your staff can go from working on a PC, to a Tablet, to being out and about and only having access to their phone. This is the true beauty of LiveTiles – no matter what device, you’re always seamlessly connected to your team!

Increase Your Bottom Line

LiveTiles makes your entire business system more effective and more efficient by automating clunky old processes. This saves your business precious time so that the focus can be on important matters, such as business development, customer satisfaction, growth etc. You can become a finely tuned profit making machine today with LiveTiles.

Easy to Edit & Easy to Use

New systems can be daunting – but not with LiveTiles. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use LiveTiles – it’s just that easy! The intuitive interface makes modification simple, meaning you can easily grow your dashboard as you grow your business. Say goodbye to clunky systems, and hello to complete freedom with LiveTiles.

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Unbeatable Business Efficiency

LiveTiles is a truly world-class business efficiency system, with clear, easy and visually pleasing collaboration for your whole team

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Improve The Way You Service Customers

Dramatically speed up the response time of your staff by giving them access to vital data in seconds with the LiveTiles Dashboard

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Create Company Culture

Streamline your processes and enjoy a team that is always on the same page. Boost company morale with effective and branded company-wide communication

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Trusted By:

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Discover a World of New Efficiency

Backed by powerful trusted technology developed by Microsoft, LiveTiles is the culmination of years of development with a focus on being an easy-to-use comprehensive Cloud business solution. Within minutes, your organisation could be rolling out stylish new fully branded dashboards and giving your users unprecedented access to world-class collaboration tools and mind-blowing efficiency.

Imagine a world where no document is lost, where it takes just the click of your fingers to find the correct company procedure – and your team operates as a finely tuned performance machine. This is all possible with the LiveTiles system.

Based on the latest Cloud technology, LiveTiles is reliable, secure and intuitive to use. With just a couple of minutes of training your team will embrace the technology – and with total adoption by your team, your company can rocket past the competition with its newfound efficiency. Also, when you partner with Nettko we will be with you from the start to the end. We get to truly know your business. We setup, train & support you throughout the whole process.

Click on the Online Demo button below to see for yourself the cutting edge user interface that your staff are actually going to be relieved to see – try the Online Demo now.

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  • Takes just minutes to learn
  • Developed on state-of-the-art Microsoft Cloud technology
  • Lightning speed
  • Your Personalised Company Branding
  • Incredible rates of staff adoption
  • World class security and reliability
  • Gorgeous Modern Design of User Interface
  • Multi-Device Friendly
  • Your next step in Business Optimisation
  • Ongoing Support and Partnership
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LiveTiles customisable for my company?

LiveTiles is a fully customisable piece of Cloud software. This means we can adapt LiveTiles to work seamlessly with your company and its current processes. Most ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions don’t properly solve all of your business needs, and this leads to many users having to use multiple pieces of software. This is where LiveTiles stands out – it integrates all of your staff’s programs into one tidy elegant and customisable dashboard, so that from the moment they sit down at their desk they always know where to go. Furthermore, the dashboard can be fully customised to your branding, colours, logo, images, you name it. Our data shows that this dramatically increases ‘company culture’ and staff adoption rates.

Do I need to be a ‘tech’ person to use LiveTiles?

LiveTiles is built to be simple to use, and require absolutely no prior knowledge. If you can use Microsoft Word, LiveTiles will be a breeze. For administrators, the dashboard is easily customisable with a drag-and-drop editor. For users, it displays everything they need in one simple and elegant place. It truly couldn’t be any easier!

Will LiveTiles work on all of my staff’s devices?

LiveTiles prides itself on being cross-device compatible. We know that in some workplaces their technology is updated at different times, so there may be a wide range of screen sizes and devices. LiveTiles is built to work on everything, whether it is Mac, PC, a tablet, an iPhone or Android – practically any device you can imagine can run LiveTiles. This means that no-one in your team misses out on the dramatic increase in productivity that LiveTiles unleashes.

Do I need any other software to run LiveTiles?

LiveTiles is an easy-to-use enhancement of Microsoft SharePoint.  As part of what we offer, we can set you up with Microsoft SharePoint – but you won’t necessarily need to use it. LiveTiles was invented as a solution to the problem of very poor user adoption levels of ‘old school’ intranets. They can be clunky, overwhelming and they never look or feel great – this is why LiveTiles has such a huge focus on being not only easy to use, but also visually stunning. We know this leads to virtually all of your staff embracing the system, and therefore ultimately leading to the huge efficiency gains from having your entire team working together on one powerfully robust system.

What makes LiveTiles better than other Cloud business systems?

While there are many Cloud systems on the market, as well as traditional Intranet systems, they virtually all have one common flaw: users perceive the new system to be ‘scary’, ‘unattractive’, and ‘overly technical’. LiveTiles simplifies the user experience, and only shows them what they need to see. It also uses visually stunning custom modern designs that engage the user and make them look forward to learning the system – see the online demo for proof! Furthermore, LiveTiles is also very easy and fast to learn, even for those that aren’t computer savvy.

By simplifying the entire experience for both administrators and employees, LiveTiles leads to the highest possible staff adoption levels within your organisation, and record roll out times.

Is all of my information safe in LiveTiles?

Because LiveTiles is built on Microsoft’s award-winning Intranet platform SharePoint, you can rest assured all of your data is safe and secure.

How long does it take to learn LiveTiles?

A typical employee will learn how to use LiveTiles in under 2 minutes! It’s incredibly intuitive, and most users will not even require formal training. Typically administrators will pick up the drag-and-drop editor in a short 30 minute training session that we are more than happy to provide as part of our services. This training requires no existing technical knowledge, and can be learnt by those that don’t deem themselves to be ‘computer savvy’.

What are some of LiveTiles main features?

LiveTiles allows a business and its users to easily collaborate, share documents, access programs, send and receive special broadcasts and harness the power of the Cloud all through a beautiful & modern user interface. An outstanding feature of Cloud technology is that your employees can be anywhere in the world, and on any device, and still have complete access to company resources. LiveTiles integrates all of the features of Microsoft SharePoint, such as Task Management, Document Management and so much more. To see how LiveTiles could transform your operations overnight, please Contact Us.

How much does LiveTiles cost?

A better question is, how much money can LiveTiles save my business. The setup cost of LiveTiles varies between organisations based on their individual needs, and we would love to hear from you to discuss not only how much investment is required to get up and running, but also to project the substantial savings that will be made through improved efficiency and productivity.

Will LiveTiles work with our current system?

If you currently use Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Azure, then a full integration will be possible. If you are using other systems, please get in touch with us for an obligation free consultation where we can assess how LiveTiles may be able to work in with or replace your current systems.

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